Links to presentations or any handouts provided by the presenter are listed below with Symposium session and presenter(s).

1:1 and BYO – What Works, What Doesn’t
Minier – Northwest Ohio Educational Technology Foundation
New Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
Siddens/Hubbell – Ohio Department of Education
A Fresh Look at Classroom Assessment
Davies – Connect 2 Learning; Taylor-Ware/Radke/Strouth – Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District
Non-Cognitive Measures Matter: Exploring the Impact of the Student Experience on Teaching and Learning
Burke – Battelle for Kids
Assessment and Data Literacy for Talent Managers
Bagshaw/Douglas – Battelle for Kids
Performance Assessment
Monowar-Jones – Ohio Department of Education
Assessment Updates
Early – Ohio Department of Education
Preparing for Online Assessments: The Curricular View
Minier – Northwest Ohio Educational Technology Foundation
AtTENtion! The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Creating Student Videos
Siler – WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Seamless Integration: Teaching, Learning, and Next Generation Assessments
Van Voorhis/Wightman – Battelle for Kids
Blueprinting Your Way to a Better Assessment
Everidge-Shaw – Franklin County Educational Service Center; Wolfe-Eberly – Montgomery County Education Service Center
Presentation | Handouts
Show Me the Evidence – Using Evidence Centered Design to Tie Together OTES, SGMS, FIP, OIP, Ohio’s Next Generation Assessments and Ohio’s New Learning Standards
Shyrock – Bay Village Schools
Presentation | Handout
Building Student Ownership of Learning Through Assessment Literacy
Fannin – South Central Ohio Educational Service Center; Sanderson – Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center; Summers – Educational Service Center of Central Ohio; Wohlgamuth – Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center
SLO: Considerations for Special Educators
Huber – Ohio Department of Education; Rice – Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center
Building Success for Every Learner
Fender/Hahn – Ohio Department of Education
Straight A Fund
Ohio Department of Education
Collecting and Documenting Evidence of Student Learning
Martell – Educational Service Center of Central Ohio; Ressa – Ohio Department of Education; Wolf – Montgomery County Educational Service Center; Struges – Hamilton County Educational Service Center
Student Fragility in the 21st Century: Productive Struggle and the Apathetic Student
Elam – Loveland Schools
Digital Literacy: Key to 21st Century Success
Roberts – Consultant
Technology Is Not A Special Event – Integrating Tech Into Your Lessons To Align to Ohio’s New Learning Standards and Prepare for Ohio’s Next Generation Assessments
Shryock – Bay Village Schools
eTPES-Electronic Teacher and Principal Evaluation System
Dover – RandA Solutions
Thinkgate IIS Panel Discussion
Rhea – Thinkgate; Howard – Ohio Department of Education
Formative Assessment in Middle School
Brannon – The Ohio Resource Center; Daugherty – Ohio Department of Education
Third-Grade Reading Guarantee
Draper – Ohio Department of Education
Improve Your District’s Student Growth Measures Plan
Schulz – Allen County Educational Service Center; Robinson – Mahoning Educational Service Center
Presentation | Handouts
Understanding Cognitive Complexity
Lavender – Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center; Pence – Auglaize County Educational Service Center
Introduction to Ohio’s Instructional Improvement System (IIS)
Rhea – Thinkgate; Ward – Ohio Department of Education
Using Evaluation Data to Inform Professional Development Plans for the Upcoming Year
Ealy – Auglaize County Educational Service Center; Krohn – Ohio Department of Education
Learn How to See Connections and Build Integrated Units
Monowar-Jones – Ohio Department of Education; Shyrock – Bay Village Schools
Using Ohio’s Quality Review Rubric
Weidus – Network of Regional Leaders for Mathematics
Mini Math Makeover: Putting the Practices into Practice, Grades 3-5
Andrews – New Philadelphia City Schools; Inmon-Teglovic/Grose – South Central Local Schools
What Principals Can Do to Develop and Support Assessment Literacy
Musgrave – Franklin County Educational Service Center

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