Video Gallery

Preparing for Online Assessments: The Curricular View
Roger Minier, Ph.D., Northwest Ohio Technology Foundation

Summary: Bring your own device as we review the skills and strategies for helping students succeed on the PARCC and other online assessments. We will tour the questions which illustrate critical test-taking strategies. and also look at both PARCC and other sources of free online testing practice items. Key roles for staff prior to and during testing will also be considered. Participants should have a basic knowledge of the PARCC testing process, OR attended 1:1 and BYO – What works, what doesn’t to benefit most from this session.

Technology is not a Special Event – Integrating Tech Into Your Lessons to Align to Ohio’s New Learning Standards and Prepare for Ohio’s Next Generation Assessments
Char Shryock, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Bay Village Schools

Summary: Technology is a part of Ohio’s New Learning Standards for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine arts and World Languages. Students will also need to be comfortable using a variety of technology skills to take Ohio’s Next Generation Assessments. We will look at the Ohio Quality Rubric – Section III, focusing on how technology is embedded in a unit as the jumping off point for a lab session exploring lots of free, web based tools, that students and teachers can use in all content areas and grade levels to make lessons and assessments more engaging and interactive. Learn how to make the most of the technology you have!

Improve Your District’s Student Growth Measures Plan
Mindy Schulz, Director of Curriculum, Allen Co. ESC


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